Cedar Outdoor Patio Furniture

One of the best types of wooden outdoor patio furniture is cedar. Many people automatically assume that using cedar outdoor patio furniture is a bad idea because it is wood and it is being used outside. They believe that the natural elements will ruin the look of the wood and damage the furniture quickly.

There are actually many advantages and qualities to cedar outdoor patio furniture that many people have not considered. Usually western red cedar is used to make this type of furniture. Western red cedar is known to be weather resistant and is one of the more lightweight woods. This is because it will lie flat and straight and will not have the natural tendency to crack as other woods might do.

Because cedar is lightweight it is easy for manufacturers to mold it and turn it into beautifully designed outdoor patio furniture. They are able to cut and shape it into something that is smooth and is able to glow once the proper stain is applied.

During the hot summer months the cedar will still stay strong and look great. This is because it is able to resist fungus and bacteria. This makes it almost as strong and durable as oak. It is no wonder that cedar is the number one choice for wooden outdoor patio furniture.

The reason that cedar outdoor patio furniture is able to last well through the harmful natural elements is because of the oil that is contained within the wood itself. This oil is made up of natural preservatives that protect the wood from rotting and decaying under moist climates.